- Clients and APIs [EN] is a really nice and tiny monitoring service, made by Benjamin Krause and Nico Hagenburger. It was presented on the April's rug-b session by Ben. And now I love it! Because it is so simple, so easy, so minimalistic! And fun!

They also provide a shoutbox Ruby client. I decided to write clients/APIs also for other languages and environments.

This stuff will be hosted in the Github repo asaaki/shoutbox-client-lib where you can find a Bash script and a PHP class.

Next step will be a WordPress plugin. Might be interesting for webmasters with lots of blogs.

Keep in mind: and also my clients/APIs are still called "beta". Especially the service is sometimes laggy - while testing you have sometimes send a status push twice or more to see the desired result. But don't worry, everything is still under heavy development, and I've talked to Ben about the issues.

Last notice: If you want to write your own client in another language, please, tell me! I'm looking for guys who will implement clients/APIs in Python and Perl (other langs also welcome!).