Typhon - Python meets Rubinius

Today I was in designer's mood and created a lot of graphics for personal and organisational purposes.

After reading my twitter list for ruby stuff (which you can find here) I found an interesting project: typhon.

Actually I don't work with rubinius or python, but nevertheless I think this combination sounds funny enough, so I took a look into the typhon repo.

And then I read that they're looking for a logo for their project.

You can imagine what came next ...

... I played around a little bit and made a simple logo draft for the typhon project:

screen: typhon logo draft by asaaki

If the typhon developers think this is looking nice enough, they can take this logo, of course.

It is a very simple adoption of the original python logo. As you can see, instead of two snakes there is now a third one, in red as a tribute to ruby. Unfortunatelly the rubinius logo isn't very suitable, so I left it completely away. Also it would be a little bit overheaded to integrate more design elements.

Keep in mind: This logo is a so called derivation of the original python logo defined by the PSF trademark guide, and in this case you should follow their trademark guideline (especially if the typhon developers want to use it in a commercial way).

I did it for fun, so I don't care if and what you do with the logo.

If there is no conflict with the trademark rules of python you can handle this logo under the creative common license CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


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