Just to let you know: The project euscheme is in development. (Followers on ADN already knew this, of course.)

Recap: euscheme will become an linux desktop client for

And in fact it's something different for me, because it's my first serious full app project in open source world.

Building a gem is much more easier than this. It's an interesting and nice adventure.

Unfortunately I can't work full time on this project (I wish I really could). So you will have to wait some days or maybe weeks to see first results.

I don't like to publish a halfway product, in the sense of »look here, that's my prototype, can do nothing but this very well!«

Interestingly some other apps for the ecosystem are very buggy to even broken. Of course, nobody expects a bug-free world, especially if the apps are also just free-time projects. On the other hand I expect at least a minimum of operationality.

Maybe this expectation also stops me from pushing my own work-in-progress code to Github, so the repository euscheme-nw is still empty.

Sorry for that. I'm not a perfectionist at all, but impose some requirements to my own work (and so to others, too).

So stay tuned and also visit the project's website at or follow on