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wtf rubyisticalophaeroidism?

Do you remember the movie Mary Poppins?

And the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

That was the inspiration for the name.

In Ruby style.

And a little bit shorter.

And as -ism.

And it's unique.

And has no sense … so far and until now. ;o)

about asaaki

$me.addicted_to [:coffee, :mate, :porter]

asaaki profile image 2013

direct contact possible … sometimes …

class Me; attr_accessor :instant_channels; end
$me = Me.new
$me.instant_channels = {
  xmpp: "asaaki ~ät~ 23569 ~döt~ net",
  skype: "codecraft_io",
  mail: "chris ~ät~ dinarrr ~döt~ com"
$me.instant_channels.each do |k,v|
  $me.instant_channels[k] = v.gsub(/ ~ät~ /,"@").gsub(/ ~döt~ /,".")
y $me.instant_channels

Hint: Open a Ruby 1.9.2 compatible IRB and run the code snippet to view the final result.